Monday, 29 November 2010

“Aim High” Official Press Release + 1st Production Still

Series Also Stars Rebecca Mader (Lost), Johnny Pemberton (Megadrive), Clancy Brown (Highlander), Jonathan McDaniel (That’s So Raven) and Greg Germann (Ally McBeal)
BURBANK, CALIF., November 29, 2010 – Warner Premiere and Dolphin Entertainment today announced casting for their forthcoming multi-platform teen action series Aim High. Jackson Rathbone, best known for his role as the scarred vampire “Jasper Hale” in the Twilight movie series, stars as teenage government operative “Nick Green.” He is joined by Aimee Teegarden, known to loyal Friday Night Lights fans as “Julie Taylor,” who stars as Nick’s charming love interest “Amanda Miles.”
“We’re thrilled to have Jackson and Aimee on board,” said Producer McG. “They’re incredibly talented, collaborative individuals with undeniable screen presence.”

Jackson Set to “Aim High” with Other Young Stars

Jackson Rathbone will star as student/spy Nick Green in “Aim High,” a digital series from McG.
“Friday Night Lights” actress Aimee Teegarden will play Green’s love interest, while Rebecca Mader of “Lost” and Greg Germann of “Ally McBeal” are set to appear as school faculty members.
Young actors Johnny Pemberton and Jonathan McDaniel have also been cast in the teen action series, which will later be compiled as a feature-length movie.
Rathbone plays Jasper Hale in the Twilight films.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

100 Monkeys in Baton Rouge Yesterday

Check out this video and pictures of 100 monkeys in Baton Rouge yesterday

New MTV 100 Monkeys Video 'KolPix'

The MTV site has released the music video "Kolpix" 100 Monkeys! During the video, Jackson Rathbone also reports the name of the band's new album, released in January 2011, "Liquid Zoo." Watch below:

Welcome to the second part of the exclusive web diary Twilight star Jackson Rathbone in Hollywood Crush! In today's entry contains not one but two 100 Monkeys. First, is the band's new video, Kolpix. That's right, you'll see here first. The video, directed by William Schmidt, finds the band members playing rock from various locations in the world.

"Everyone has a fun time while you're onstage," says William to Jackson. "I thought it was really fun that each of you the band has a different personality, and we can split them and place them around the world playing."

"We shot on location," Rathbone said with a grin. "Many exotic places as Brooklyn. Los Angeles. Milan, Italy. We have Jerad Anderson William E Nepal to Milan. Uncle Larry was difficult to place in Nepal. "Kolpix Watch below and stay tuned for more details 100 Monkeys.

Jackson Talks Aim High With Movie Web

New interview with Jackson talking about his latest project 'Aim High'

Jackson Rathbone excited for 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' and Bill Condon

While on the set of his new project Aim High, Jackson Rathbone spoke to MovieWeb about his forthcoming work on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (video attached).
According to Rathbone, he's been going back and forth between Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Los Angeles, California, and he has had the opportunity to meet and speak with director Bill Condon about the films.
We met in Baton Rouge earlier this month. We’ve been kind of going back and forth between Baton Rouge and Los Angeles. They just started filming, they finished the South American portion of filming already. I go back to Baton Rouge here in two days, so then I’ll be getting back into the works and getting vampire-d out, not having blood on me but being kind of blood-thirsty.
Rathbone also admitted he and his Twilight castmates will be enjoying playing catch-up on the set of the fourth and fifth Twilight film.
Every time we get back together for another Twilight film, it’s a family reunion. You know, these are artists and kids that I’ve grown up with over the past three or four years now. I mean, it’s been a while, so every time we get back together it’s exciting to see where everyone’s been, what they’ve done with their career, what they’ve done with their lives. It’s sad to see the end coming, but at the same time it’s very rewarding that we’ve been able to be a part of a series that’s touched the lives of countless people. It’s really exciting.
Jackson Rathbone also talked about how he is excited about moving forward with Bill Condon for the last two (while not downgrading the work of former directors Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz, and David Slade).
We always like to step it up. I think that’s the motto of any artist: never be satisfied always try to step it up. I think that’s what we’ve achieved with the Twilight films. Not to say that Twilight the original wasn’t good . . . Are you kidding? That movie was beautiful, and it set a certain tone, and what Chris Weitz brought to New Moon kind of elaborated on that. Then, what David Slade brought to Eclipse was a darker, more visceral side. I mean, each director has brought their own tonality, their own landscape ideas for these particular films. So now we’re with Bill Condon and the last two, and it’s really exciting. I’ve been a fan of his since like Gods And Monsters, you know, his early work, so to be working with them, to be meeting with him and talking with him about this is extremely exciting.
The interview was published two days ago, so presumably Rathbone is in Baton Rouge carrying out these plans at this very moment!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Jackson To Return to Criminal Minds as Adam/Amanda?

According to this facebook Page, Jackson Rathbone will be back on Criminal Minds for a cameo in the shoes of Adam / Amanda this year! In 2009, Jackson attended the 20th episode of Season 4 of the series, titled "Conflicted" Adam where his character had a split personality 

Remember that for now, so it's just a rumor, there is nothing official on the subject ... Let's wait for more information and any news we'll let the site here!


Jackson's Movie Web Interview

Jackson Talks about Breaking Dawn

New Pic Of Jackson Promoting 'Airbender'

Web Diary Of Jackson! From Hollywood Crush

Hollywood Crush, a member of the MTV site, today announced that Jackson Rathbone will make some web diaries exclusively for them! Check below the story and the little introductory video.
The coming months will be very busy for the Twilight star Jackson Rathbone. He not only is shooting the final part of the vampire franchise favorite of everyone in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but his bandmates, 100 Monkeys are also there with him, working on his new album and doing shows full of fun. I would like to join all this fun? Well, now you can! Welcome to the Web Diary of Jackson Rathbone (an exclusive Hollywood Crush!)

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Jackson will film all the behind the scenes in Louisiana. Recording a video clip? Right! Performances disordered? You bet! Some appearances from other stars of Twilight? You will have to wait and see.

Jackson Joins Twi Con Tour 2011

2010 was an amazing year for The Official TWILIGHT Convention Tour and we thank all the wonderful guests and fans that made it all possible! Tens of thousands of fans were able to get together and share the love we all have for the Twilight Saga and we had so much fun we're hard at work on making 2011 even bigger and better!

With only one more date left in 2010 (Orlando on December 10-12, 2010) we've just begun to announce our first celebrities for 2011 and we're looking forward to some cool surprises in the weeks to come. We are extremely pleased to welcome the very talented actor/musician/producer JACKSON RATHBONE (Jasper Hale) to the 2011 Tour with four dates as featured below. Along with appearing on stage Jackson will be performing with his amazing band 100 MONKEYS (get ready to raise the roof)!

Here are the first guests set for the below stops on the 2011 Tour, keep an eye out for future announcements as we fill up our guest celebrity and event rosters....

SEATTLE, WA. JANUARY 22-23, 2011
TINSEL KOREY (Emily) Appearing Saturday and Sunday
JULIA JONES (Leah Clearwater) Appearing Saturday and Sunday
TYSON HOUSEMAN (The Wolf Pack's Quil Ateara) Appearing Saturday and Sunday
BOOBOO STEWART (The Wolf Pack's Seth Clearwater)

TINSEL KOREY (Emily) Appearing Friday and Saturday
BRONSON PELLETIER (The Wolf Pack's Jared) Appearing Saturday and Sunday
JACKSON RATHBONE (Jasper Hale) Appearing Saturday
100 MONKEYS Performing in concert Saturday Night

NASHVILLE, TN. MARCH 11-13, 2011
TYSON HOUSEMAN (The Wolf Pack's Quil Ateara) Appearing Saturday and Sunday
TINSEL KOREY (Emily) Appearing Friday and Saturday
JACKSON RATHBONE (Jasper Hale) Appearing Saturday
100 MONKEYS Performing in concert Saturday Night

BRONSON PELLETIER (The Wolf Pack's Jared) Appearing Saturday and Sunday
TINSEL KOREY (Emily) Appearing Friday and Saturday
JULIA JONES (Leah Clearwater) Appearing Friday and Saturday
JACKSON RATHBONE (Jasper Hale) Appearing Saturday
100 MONKEYS Performing in concert Saturday Night

BRONSON PELLETIER (The Wolf Pack's Jared) Appearing Saturday and Sunday
TYSON HOUSEMAN (The Wolf Pack's Quil Ateara) Appearing Saturday and Sunday
JULIA JONES (Leah Clearwater) Appearing Friday and Saturday
JACKSON RATHBONE (Jasper Hale) Appearing Saturday
100 MONKEYS Performing in concert Saturday Night

CHICAGO, IL. JUNE 25-26, 2011
BRONSON PELLETIER (The Wolf Pack's Jared) Appearing Saturday and Sunday
JULIA JONES (Leah Clearwater) Appearing Saturday and Sunday

100 Monkeys Concerts Have NOT been Confirmed As yet I will keep you posted. Thanks To DarlinShannon For the Heads up.

For more details and information, please visit 
The Official Twilight Convention Tour website HERE!!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Jackson Talks About His Many Projects Twilight And The Last Aibender


23 NEW Cute pics Of Jackson In his Teen Years !!

 Steamy eyes

New/Old Video Of 100 Monkeys

Performing 'Ugly Girl' For MTV
This is the BEST video i have seen of 100 Monkeys Live I love it 

100 Monkeys On MTV Today

100 Monkeys will be Today at the MTV's The Seven at 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central. Jackson is also on The Top 10 on Saturday, December 4 at 11:30 am Eastern/10: 30am Central on MTV!

Also keep your eye out to see some behind the scenes in Baton Rouge, and premiere music video "Kolpix" at the end of this week!

Thanks To Jackson Source

Saturday, 13 November 2010

2 NEW Jackson and 100 Monkeys Troix Outtakes

Thanks To TeamEdwardPOV

Eclipse Portugal DVD Screen Caps And Wallpapers

Here are some screen caps of the DVD Menu for the Portuguese version of Eclipse 
with some wallpapers.
Click To Enlarge

Here are two official Wallpapers from Eclipse with our man Jackson

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Sneak Peek Of Jackson's Interview With Zooey Magazine

Well my JRLovers If these dont make you melt you need help :-)

Check out this exclusive sneak peek of Twilight hottie, Jackson Rathbone, in the Dec./Jan. issue of Zooey magazine! He opens up about his band, seeing his face on pillow cases and Twilight’s inevitable, depressing end!
We hate thinking about it, but The Twilight Saga is rapidly nearing its end. Currently, the cast and crew are working furiously to shoot the final two movie installments of our favorite vampire epic — and the end is weighing heavily on actor Jackson Rathbone’s mind.
“I’m excited, but also sad because we’re nearing the end,” the 25-year-old star, who plays hunky vamp Jasper Hale, says in the upcoming issue of Zooey magazine. “It’s been an incredible experience working with such a fine cast and crew over the years, and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye.”
Jackson will have extra time during the shoot in Baton Rouge, Louis. because his character is MIA for much of Breaking Dawn, but he’s already packed his schedule with extracurriculars.
“I’ll be working with my band 100 Monkeys and playing shows around the South as well as setting up other productions for the future of my new company PatchMo Entertainment,” he says of his upcoming plans. “Also, I’m setting up a record label.”
A laid back muti-talented performer, Jackson says he’s still wrapping his head around being a mega star.
“Now there are pictures of me as a blonde vampire on T-shirts and pillowcases…that took a little getting used to,” he admits. Well, it still takes us some getting used to when we see you without your Twilight ensemble of the makeup and blonde wig. We almost forgot how gorgeous you are, Jackson!
To read Jackson’s entire Q-and-A with Zooey, pick up a copy next month when the issue hits newsstands

Jackson's Zooey Cover Story

Jackson Rathbone is in our FLIP issue that is due to be released in December. He chats about his fans, what’s coming up for him, and his own record label! Check out Hollywood Life for the exclusive pages of Jackson’s story later this week! Zooey will be giving away five copies of the issue for free.

Jackson Tweets Pic During Last Night's chat With Fans

Monday, 8 November 2010

Live Chat With Kay and Guess star Jackson

LIVE CHAT with Kay Panabaker and guest star Jackson Rathbone
TUE NOV 9 from 8 – 9pm ET (5 – 6pm PT)

Fans of ABC’s extraordinary series No Ordinary Family can participate in a live Twitter chat with Kay Panabaker (“Daphne Powell”) and guest star Jackson Rathbone (“Jasper Hale” from the Twilight movie series) during the live broadcast of the show on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.
You can submit questions HERE and receive real-time responses that will appear on this page during the East Coast broadcast from 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET (5:00-6:00 p.m., PT). Fans can log into to participate or follow Kay and Jackson on Twitter at @kaypandabaker and @NOF_JacksonR.

Jackson and 100 Monkeys Troix Video's

178 Pic's Of Jackson At The Fair Baton Rouge

Ok ladies Here he is all i can say is i am going to hell if the devil looks like this ;-)

On Guitar