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NEW Zooey Outtake

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Scans From Zooey Magazine

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Jackson Will Not Attend The Twilight Convention In San Fransisco

Jackson Rathbone’s management has advised us that due to filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One he is unfortunately unable to be with us for this particular convention. We wish him the best and look forward to welcoming him to future events. Today we have booked Gil Birmingham and Jodelle Ferland to appear at the convention and they will be signing on a complimentary basis for Gold and Preferred Weekend Patrons. Those that have SEPARATE Jackson PHOTO OP tickets can use them as “cash” at the convention towards other tickets or merchandise.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

5 New Pic's Zooey Magazine Behind The Scenes

Hollywood Life: Jackson and Cast Mates Out to Dinner

They may be hard at work filming Breaking Dawn in Louisiana, but it looks like the Twilight boys are still finding ways to blow off steam! In what may be one of the biggest cast assemblages yet, has learned exclusively that Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Jamie Campbell-Bower, Michael Sheen and a few of the other male cast members enjoyed a night of sushi and shots at Tsunami in Baton Rouge Jan. 25. Sadly, it looks like no girls were invited!
A source inside the swanky restaurant says, “The boys got there around 9:30 pm and sat at a table, there were about 15 of them. They stayed until closing, sometime between 11:30ish or midnight. Rob sat next to Jamie and was pretty low key in a hoodie!” A Cullen fraternizing with a Volturi?! Scandalous!

“A girl from a nearby table ordered them a round of lemon drop shots, and the bartender took it with them,” the source went on to say. “Rob was really nice and introduced himself to the bartender and seemed really happy and down-to-earth.”
The cast headed home afterwards, save Jackson and Kellan, and sadly it seems like the evening left Jamie feeling not so great! The actor tweeted Jan. 26, “Yup. Raw fish and red wine came back to bite me on the arse. X.” Ouch!

“After Rob and a few of the guys had shots with the bartender I noticed Kellan and Jackson were talking to a female bartender for a while,” a source inside the restaurant says. “They stayed drinking and eating until the restaurant closed and then Kellan and Jackson went to a bar with the girl.”
The source then spotted the group at the bar saying, “They partied for a few more hours, but Rob was not there.” What a good boyfriend!
Kellan previously dated 90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord while Jackson, 26, is one of the few Twilight cast members who has not embarked on a high-profile relationship. It makes sense however, as much of Jackson’s free time seems to be devoted to his band, 100 Monkeys


4 New Nylon Outtakes

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

100 Monkeys Photos – San Antonio

NEW 100 Monkeys Photoshoot Outtake

We recently had a photo shoot and here is one of the first photos!  We would like to say thank you to the amazing Audubon Zoo in New Orleans for facilitating the shoot and allowing us to monkey around in there.  Also a big thanks to the photographers who took some great shots, Kerry Maloney and Tyler Kaufman We hope you enjoy!!

3 New Hq Girlfriend Stills

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Jackson 's Film Young Again has been Released!


100 Monkeys - The Mustaches Make it Big

Jackson Talks Kissing On The Seven

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

HQ Video 100 Monkeys In Their Natural Habitat

This is The Sneak Peek of 100 Monkeys from MTV’s ‘The Seven’. The entire clip will air this Friday (January 21st) on The Seven at 5 EST/4 Central. In HQ and for NON US residents ENJOY :-)

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Jackson At Fender Showcase

Jackson Wants To Play A Villian !

Jackson Rathbone's interview translation for Mexico's

Jackson Rathbone who has captivated as one of the vampires in “The Twilight Saga”, wishes to perform as a villain.
“I would love to see the evil perspective of life, because without a doubt they see it differently”,  says the actor. For now, his fans can be calm, they can see him in the film ” The Last Airbender” , from M. Night Shyamalan, director of “Sixth Sense” and “Signs”.
In the movie Rathbone plays Sokka, a young resident of  the Water village, who is considered the child who will bring balance to the world hit so far by the Fire Nation. For two years he trained taking martial arts classes in order to give veracity to the character.
“I had to find a true balance, because I had to reflect all that affects the world and on the other side to respect the original series that was broadcast in 120 countries,” he said.
He added, “It was three years ago when I started the project, now is also true that I had always been a fan of this type of series, and make this character is to fulfill a dream, ” said Rathbone.


100 Monkeys – Sneak Peek of Friday’s MTV Show

Check out this Sneak Peek of 100 Monkeys from MTV’s ‘The Seven’. The entire clip will air this Friday (January 21st) on The Seven at 5 EST/4 Central.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Hidden Talents Of Jackson Interview Translated With Video

It is not often to mention Jackson Rathbone without encountering the flashing flickers of the person who has no idea what the hell you are talking about. His name may not be as well known as some of the actors with whom he has worked, but suffice to mention Jasper Cullen (Hale for the “purists”) to fanatics of the glittering vampires of “Twilight” emit sounds that only can be accounted for some species of the animal kingdom.

For those who have escaped the curse of the vampire Meyeriano, face (with slight psychotic dyes) may be known for appearances on The OC and Criminal Minds. His latest project, “The Last Airbender “, makes him Sokka, a warrior of the Southern Water Tribe under the direction of M. Night Shyamalan.

“M. Night Shyamalan is an amazing director, one that I admired and respected for years. I have always followed his catalog, I’ve seen all his movies. The expected year after year to see what would happen later, so to be part of his new movie is a dream come true. “One would expect the sudden success of two great movies as “The Last Airbender ” and ” Twilight ” would make anyone be cocky and arrogant, but you’d be wrong. Jackson Rathbone’s ambitions have little to do with fame and everything to do with art in all his presentations.

“My life has always been about pursuing the arts and not only am I an actor, I am also a musician and was recently a movie producer with someone from my band.” The film is called “Girlfriend” and his band, “100 Monkeys” , is in charge of music. “I love to play. I love trying to learn to play new instruments each year. I play guitar, bass, drums, piano, harmonica, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, trumpet and a little accordion. I love it, it is something I have to do. I can’t not play music and I can’t do nothing. There will never be a situation where I have to choose, I will always be able to do both and always take it. ”

In the film, Rathbone’s character belongs to the Southern Water Tribe and his sister, Katara, has the ability to manipulate this element. Water is also, incidentally, the element that Jackson would choose to describe himself. ”I think that water really does encapsulate the idea of Yin and Yang. It is a very powerful element, up to 80% of our bodies, 80% of the world we live in, and is something we need every day. The way I relate to water is in the sense of constant movement, flowing. Go through life with fluency in the sense that someone can attack you and you move around it. If you hit water she moves and flows around you. ” You understand? Life flows and Jackson flows with it.

Didn’t let us stay with him, but before leaving a press conference at the Four Seasons we exploited a rumor. Gossips say that he always brings his harmonica with him, and fortunately for us the gossips were right.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Pic's of Eclipse Cast At 100 Monkeys Concert

Last year whilst filming Eclipse some of the cast (Kristen, Taylor, Peter,Ashley,Kellan and Nikki) went to support Jackson at one of the 100 Monkeys Concerts

To see more great pictures visit Gossip Dance 

Jackson's Capricho Magazine Interview Translation

 The music of the vampire

I got charmed by Jackson Rathbone after interviewing him by the phone. If in fiction he is the shy and reserved Jasper Hale, in real life the 26 years-old actor is talkative, friendly and hyperactive, so much he divides his times between acting in movies and being the leader of of the rock band 100 Monkeys. As if it was not enough, he still produced a short film and wishes to be a director.

But the biggest surprise came on the next day after our chat, when my telephone ring and I recognized the number! It was him calling me and inviting me to watch to the 100 Monkeys’ last show at The Roxy, a very cool place in Hollywood! Of course I accepted! Jackson received me very well, was nice and polite and introduced me to – do you know who?! To Nikki Reed, Rosalie from Twilight! She was there supporting his coworker and watched the show with me, in the same vip place.

In the following interview, Jackson told me he is ‘having something’ with someone, but didn’t want to tell me with who. I don’t wanna make gossip but, if I’d risk a guess, I’d say it can be Nikki, huh?
What do you like most about Jasper, your character in Twilight Saga?
I really like his personality, very reserved and shy. And I admire the fact that he has a nice heart, you know? He tries hard to be a good vampire.

In Eclipse there are scenes from Jasper’s past. Was it cool to film this part?
I loved it! It’s really cool to show where the character came from e all his history with the american Civil War. I accepted to do this role after I got to know and like very much Jasper’s life.

What do you think about Jasper and Alice couple?
They have a very sincere and pure relationship. I think the love between them is what brings Jasper’s good side. After meeting Alice, he was kinda rescued, you know?

Jackson's Interview in Atrevida Magazine Translated

Music as a partner
Before Twilight, Jackson Rathbone had already act in series like The O.C. and Beautiful People, besides being the host of a program in Disney 411 channel (in EUA). But it was the Stephenie Meyer’s title adaptation what took him to stardom and world fame.
In the first two films of the saga, Jasper Hale shows up only a few times, but in Eclipse he may have a big highlight: “On the third movie, we’ll have the past of Jasper. We’ll see who he used to be and why he’s having some difficulties to adjust to the vegetarian vampire life”, said Jackson who, with a role with more repercussion, can propel his acting carreer even more. Still, he can’t complain because the success of the saga in theaters has helped a lot his musical carreer. Fans all over the world know Jackson is part of the 100 Monkeys band and, exactly because of that, visit their MySpace page everyday (

Besides that, Jackson and his band have been doing lots of shows through EUA and Canada to publish their first album, Monster Deluxe. Right now, the musicians are working on a new CD and plan to record a double live album.
The acting carreer also is being very good for Jackson. He produced and acted in the movie Girlfriend, which hasn’t launched yet, and made much success in Dread, horror movie launched in 2009 in EUA. Besides that, in this american summer, besides Eclipse, he will also appear in theaters in The Last Airbender. It will be launched in July in EUA theaters and is inspired on the animated series Avatar: the Legend of Aang.
And who thought Jackson Rathbone escaped the paparazzi and gossip media is wrong. There were lots of rumors saying that he and the actress and Twilight Saga partner Ashley Greene were dating in real life. He supposedly affirmed he had ‘a crush’ on Ashley, but none of these informations were confirmed by the actors.

He’s not (only) a vampire!
Jackson Rathbone is known for his role of Jasper Hale from the Twilight Saga, but he’s much more than just Edward Cullen’s ‘brother’. Besides he already act in some movies and TV series and being producing his first film, Jackson has a band called 100 Monkeys.
During the shooting of New Moon in Vancouver, he and his two partners from the band profitted to play during the filming breaks. We talked to him by the telephone and asked about a potential participation on New Moon soundtrack. Jackson said that there’s a possibility. “We’re more focused on music than the promotion of our work. If they want one of our songs in the soundtrack, they will have to ask, we’re not looking for that.”
Jackson also revealed what the cast does when they’re behind the cameras. “We like to live it during the day, while we’re shooting. But, at night, we’re normal people. We play board games, videogame, we play the guitar and have fun, like anyone else. We’re not real vampires! It’s surprising, but we’re not! (laughter)”
If you want to check out Jackson’s band, go to the site:
Via JRathboneFB Translation By JRO 

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Jackson Shows Off Tattoo In Zooey Magazine

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Jackson Rathbone changes his shirt on set of his Zooey Magazine cover shoot and gives us a peak of his tattoo. Check out these five new outtakes of Jackson and let Zooey know what you think! 

Interview with Jackson By Fan Quarterly

The Cullens are the world’s most popular supernatural family, and while each member of the Cullen clan plays an important role in the ‘Twilight Saga,’ in the latest release, “Eclipse,” we get a glimpse of just how important Jasper Hale becomes. Jasper plays a crucial role in the battle between the Vampires, Werewolves and the New Vampires. The man behind the vampire soldier, Jackson Rathbone, is perhaps more mysterious and intriguing than any of the other Twilight actors.
Rathbone and the rest of the crew are currently on location filming “Breaking Dawn,” the final installment of the Twilight series, so acquiring an interview with him was no easy task. With a busy schedule and a never-ending line of interview requests, Rathbone took some time to give Fan Quarterly an interview. Through this interview we were able to learn much more about this sexy, mysterious and exceptionally talented actor.

FAN QUARTERLY: How has your experience with the Twilight fans been like for you since the first film made its debut?
JACKSON RATHBONE: Absolutely wonderful. I hope they feel the same.
FQ: I know you've done a few Twilight conventions; is there any moment that stands out in your mind most from the conventions?
JR: Having my parents at one or two... that was weird. I didn't know they were coming. I look up to sign an autograph, and there's dad!
FQ:  The Twilight fans are extremely dedicated to the series; was there ever anything growing up that you were as dedicated to?
JR: X-Men... and eating hotdogs with ketchup. Or ketchup with hotdogs.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

UPDATED: HQ Video Of 100 Monkeys on The Seven

UPDATED: With a video that all can watch with HUGE Thanks to Jackson Rathbone Online

NEW 100 Monkeys Troix Pic

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Jackson On Seventeen Mags 'The Hottest Men In a Tux' List

If your boyfriend thinks getting fancy for prom is just for girls, convince him he can have fun with fashion just like Twilight hottie Jackson Rathbone! Have him try a shiny tie with a black shirt for a dark and edgy look and skip the fresh boutonnière in lieu of a faux black flower. He'll look and feel like the coolest kid in the room with this ensemble!

100 Monkeys On The Seven

Here is a Video of 100 Monkeys on The Seven on MTV from Last Night waiting on better quality :-)

Via YouTube User Kissyfur85

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NEW Funny Pic Of Jackson

I know Jackson Likes his hats but i dont think this one will take off lol But he can make anything look good

Monday, 10 January 2011