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Interview with Jackson By Fan Quarterly

The Cullens are the world’s most popular supernatural family, and while each member of the Cullen clan plays an important role in the ‘Twilight Saga,’ in the latest release, “Eclipse,” we get a glimpse of just how important Jasper Hale becomes. Jasper plays a crucial role in the battle between the Vampires, Werewolves and the New Vampires. The man behind the vampire soldier, Jackson Rathbone, is perhaps more mysterious and intriguing than any of the other Twilight actors.
Rathbone and the rest of the crew are currently on location filming “Breaking Dawn,” the final installment of the Twilight series, so acquiring an interview with him was no easy task. With a busy schedule and a never-ending line of interview requests, Rathbone took some time to give Fan Quarterly an interview. Through this interview we were able to learn much more about this sexy, mysterious and exceptionally talented actor.

FAN QUARTERLY: How has your experience with the Twilight fans been like for you since the first film made its debut?
JACKSON RATHBONE: Absolutely wonderful. I hope they feel the same.
FQ: I know you've done a few Twilight conventions; is there any moment that stands out in your mind most from the conventions?
JR: Having my parents at one or two... that was weird. I didn't know they were coming. I look up to sign an autograph, and there's dad!
FQ:  The Twilight fans are extremely dedicated to the series; was there ever anything growing up that you were as dedicated to?
JR: X-Men... and eating hotdogs with ketchup. Or ketchup with hotdogs.
 FQ:  What can you tell us about GIRLFRIEND?
JR: I don't have one... oh the film! Well, it will be going round the Indie Festival circuit and we hope to have a distributor for theatrical release within the year. Go check out the trailer and follow the film on Twitter @GirlfriendMovie.
FQ: What was the most difficult part of the filming process?
JR: Saying goodbye to our amazingly talented cast and crew who gave everything and took nothing.
FQ:  What was it about the script that attracted you to the role the most?
JR: I like dark characters having to face the light and getting burned in the process... That's what I wanted to portray within Russ.
FQ:  What do you hope your fans will take away from the film?
JR: A sense of light and purity. There's always hope for the honest and pure in life, so please make room for it in your hearts.
FQ:  On this film you work with Justin Lerner, who is making his directorial debut; is there a difference between working with a newcomer like Justin than some of the other, more experienced directors?
JR: The main difference comes within the editing room. A seasoned director tends to have more choices to choose from when editing his film; newbies tend to go for exactly what they see in their heads and never stray from their vision.
FQ: You're currently in the process of working on your 2nd album "Liquid Zoo"; is there anything you can tell us about it?
JR: We just released our first single "Wandering Mind" on our Web site,, and we will be releasing more, including music videos very soon. Our 2nd studio album is a further delve into genre splitting musicality and old school approaches to new school mentalities. We can go from the sunny side of a Jack Johnson jive into a darker side of the Ben Harper world just as soon as we can go from the bouncy joy of the Rolling Stones to the beast of Nick Cave. On "Liquid Zoo" we pull out all the stops and continue to write about death, the devil, and women who cheat and steal in a more centered album universe. We are very excited to share this new album with the world.
FQ: The name 100 Monkeys: how did you come up with it?
JR: Threw some darts at a wall.
FQ: Going from movies to a series in "Aim High," what were some of the major differences in the filming process?
JR: We shot nine pages a day on Aim High... most films you never shoot more than three pages a day. We truly were "running and gunning" for Aim High.
FQ: What do you think of the show's concept about a teenager living a double life as a spy?
JR: I think every teenager lives a double life to a certain degree; we just made them a little bit more discernable.
FQ: Have you ever had any fan-boy moments where you met any actor, actress or musician and got completely star-struck?
JR: That's not in my nature to be star struck... but if I met Clint Eastwood...
FQ: As I am sure you're aware, your characters and your career have really affected your fans’ lives in a positive way. Has there ever been a fan that has really changed your life?
JR: All of them have changed my life. I'm just as thankful for them as my family and friends. They have become a very important part of my life, and I thank God for them and for their love and support.
FQ: McG has produced many of the most successful TV shows and movies; what was it like working with him on "Aim High?"
JR: It was an amazing learning experience. I hope to work much more with McG and Wonderland Sound & Vision.
FQ: What do you want your fans to know about you that they may not already know?
JR: I'm actually a little shy.

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