Friday, 29 April 2011

Jackson at LAX

100 Monkeys Interview With Mix 94.1

100 Monkeys Meet and Greet Contest Las Vegas

100 Monkeys on the Radio!
Did you know that Mix 94.1 FM in Las Vegas played Shy Water on the air Sunday night? Here is your chance to hear it again and score a Meet & Greet with 100 Monkeys at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas on 4/30! Go to the Mix 94.1 Facebook page (!/mix941) and request Shy Water by 100 Monkeys. You can also email requests to Hannah at The e-mail or post should be in your own words, but should tell Mix 94.1 how much you loved the interview, how awesome it was to hear Shy Water on the radio and how much you would like to hear it played again. Be sure to forward me a copy of your sent email and/or screen shots of your Facebook post at

Recruit your friends to request Shy Water on the Mix 94.1 Facebook page and email Hannah as well. Have your friends screen shot their post on Facebook and forward their emails to us. The more people you recruit to do this, the more entries you get in the contest. Be sure to keep up with who you recruit so you can be credited for their post/email. The person with the most entries will win a Meet & Greet at the Vegas show on 4/30. There will be two (2) winners. If you are on the Street Team, posting a request on Facebook and sending Hannah an email will earn you 50 points. Report your points to The contest ends at Midnight Eastern Time the night of Thursday, 4/28 so get started!!
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Monday, 18 April 2011

Jackson Tweets New Pic's

'Deer friends, It is really me. Love, Jackson '
'Feeling down? Buck up!'
'Thanks TwitterWorld for welcoming me into this ridiculous theatre. Love and respect, -Jackson PS.Here's a fish.'

Jackson Confirms Twitter Account with Funny Vid

Sunday, 17 April 2011

100 Monkeys up and Coming Shows

Be sure to mark your calendars girls
    APRIL 30, 2011 7.30P Book & Stage 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 21+ FREE

  • MAY 7, 2011 7.30P
    Highline Ballroom
    431 W 16th St
    New York City, NY

  • MAY 21, 2011 7P
    El Rey Theatre
    5515 Wilshire Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA

  • June 28, 2011
    409 Broadway St.
    Cincinatti, OH

  • June 29, 2011
    Egyptian Room
    502 N New Jersey St
    Indianapolis, IN

MTV Releases 'Liquid Zoo' Track List

MTV just released the official track list for the album! Check it out!
100 Monkeys have EXCLUSIVELY given us the track list for the new album, which is titled Liquid Zoo! Check it out after the jump!
With 11 brand spanking new songs, fans will have plenty new crazy, cool tunes to sing along to at the shows this summer. So, without further adieu, is the official track listing for 100 Monkey’s Liquid Zoo:
1. The Fair
2. The Sound
3. Shy Water
4. Time
5. Wandering Mind
6. Prayer
7. Black Diamond
8. Modern Times
9. Made of Gold
10. Invisible Monsters
11. Devil Man
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Jackson Joins Twitter and Facebook

Ok Everyone Scream With Me

Pre Order Liquid Zoo

Click Below To Pre Order Now Ready for 21/6/11

Jackson Attends 'An Evening With Women'

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Friday, 15 April 2011

New 'Liquid Zoo' Photoshoot outtake

Jackson Look Hot for Dare 2 Care


Queenie4Ever's Interview with Jackson


Favorite color - red or green
Favorite poet - TS Eliot
Favorite artist. Andy Warhol
Favorite hairstyle - just woke up
Favorite midnight snack - roast beef on cold cheese pizza
Favorite acting role - the one I haven't done yet
Greatest concert you’ve attended or played
Pixies reunion tour, first concert back... Amazing.
How do you describe the color of your eyes
I don't... because my driver's license expired... and that said what color my eyes are... so now I don't know.
Favorite motto/quote to live by
Give respect to get respect, give love to get love - my dad

1. Please describe your sense of style such as clothing brands you like to wear or accessories.

I like the southern gentleman look, with a bit of whatever-I'm-feeling thrown in. I don't like sneakers... on my feet

2. Jackson I really like your entrepreneurial spirit which apparently began at a young age. You mentioned a DJ gig you used to do as a teenager can you tell us about that and how you came up with that idea? Did you have a cool DJ nickname? You even DJ’d your high school dance. How’d you coordinate dancing with your date and DJing? What did you do with the money you earned from DJ gigs? Would you ever consider DJing events in the future?

Started DJing when I was 13 at friends parties. My buddy Jon and I had access to his older brother's old, unused DJ gear ( a mixer and some speakers) , we decided to bring the gear to our friend Monica's birthday party. That was my first gig… by the time we were 16 we were using turntables and making $150 an hour at big events, and charging friends $50 a show whenever they wanted. I think I went by DJ Joyride…. kinda lame now, but I liked it then. DJing prom was difficult… but my date was understanding… (Katie! Wherever you are, thank you for being so understanding!) As per money made, I mostly just saved it, or bought my girlfriends stuff, like corny engraved bracelets and "fancy" Olive Garden dinners. I would definitely love to DJ again… I did a year ago at a bar in Vegas, it did feel good. Shall DJ Joyride ride again? Probably, not… but I might consider it.

3. Where did you learn to tap dance? You are pretty good. If I had known you were gonna ask me to tap with you, I would have brought my tap shoes. Tapping in high heels is hard! My shoes kept slipping off. lol! Which brings me to the subject that got us on tap dancing in the first place. You were talking about a female artist that tap dances instead of using a drum or percussion section. That’s so innovative, almost tribal like, such as hand clapping or using your body to make the beats. Who is the artist, and how did you discover her?

I learned to tap dance in Texas, along with ballroom, jazz, and musical theatre. Thanks to the lovely Judy of the Pickwick Players of Midland, Texas, and Ruth Cole of the Midland Community Theatre. I just enjoy doing a little soft shoe every once in awhile, now.

see the full interview : queenie4ever

5 New Pics Of Jackson At Mortal Combat Legacy Premiere

Friday, 1 April 2011

Lovely Fan Incounter With Jackson

Just got a frantic phone call from my 10 year old….
My 2 oldest daughters are spending Spring break in Squamish (B.C.) with my parents. They were actually supposed to be home this weekend, but since the latest Twilight movie is filming in town, they were determined to stay until they “spotted a star”.
My 13 year old, has been the most hard core, stalking out the hotel where they are all staying, religiously going to Booster Juice at 1pm daily (heard a rumour that some of them go there on a break lol) and hanging aroung London drugs, cause my former co-workers have met Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner (their hotel is like 2 blocks away)
Today she (13 year old) went to play with a friend, and my dad asked Jessie (the cutie in the pic below), if she wanted to come along (dad was using coupon stacks I left last week when I dropped the girls off lol)
Sure enough, she got to meet Jackson Rathbone (Jasper). I am soo jealous! I LOVE him!! He’s totally my fave from Twilight, was amazing in The Last Airbender, and was really creepy in an episode of Criminal Minds lol.
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100 Monkeys Interview with Variance Magazine