Friday, 1 April 2011

Lovely Fan Incounter With Jackson

Just got a frantic phone call from my 10 year old….
My 2 oldest daughters are spending Spring break in Squamish (B.C.) with my parents. They were actually supposed to be home this weekend, but since the latest Twilight movie is filming in town, they were determined to stay until they “spotted a star”.
My 13 year old, has been the most hard core, stalking out the hotel where they are all staying, religiously going to Booster Juice at 1pm daily (heard a rumour that some of them go there on a break lol) and hanging aroung London drugs, cause my former co-workers have met Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner (their hotel is like 2 blocks away)
Today she (13 year old) went to play with a friend, and my dad asked Jessie (the cutie in the pic below), if she wanted to come along (dad was using coupon stacks I left last week when I dropped the girls off lol)
Sure enough, she got to meet Jackson Rathbone (Jasper). I am soo jealous! I LOVE him!! He’s totally my fave from Twilight, was amazing in The Last Airbender, and was really creepy in an episode of Criminal Minds lol.
Via Twilight Britney Fan 

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