Sunday, 31 July 2011

Jackson Rathbone brings 100 Monkeys to South Florida

These pics are way to HOT

Just when I thought my first weekend home from the West Coast was going to be spent relaxing, I was offered the opportunity to assist during a shoot for the band 100 Monkeys. Up until the moment I walked into Revolutions Live in Fort Lauderdale, all I knew about the band was that it was led by Twilight star Jackson Rathbone.
But by the end of the show, I walked away with the energy and positivity from these five guys who, when together, definitely know how to rock!
For just a moment, let me go back to said moment when I walked into sound check and I saw most of the guys practicing shirtless. I quickly took to Twitter to let everyone know how excited I was to witness such hotness and to my surprise……my account started to blow up with requests of photos!
Let me say here, that since I was invited by a friend who had exclusivity to this shoot I could not just take out my camera phone to show you guys what I was seeing! (sadly!) But in return, I get to share these amazing photos with you all that were taken yesterday afternoon.
I’m definitely leaving this experience as not just a fan of the sound of 100 Monkeys, but of Jerad Anderson, Ben Graupner, Ben Johnson, Uncle Larry, and of course Jackson Rathbone as individuals. They are some of the nicest, most down to Earth, (don’t forget handsome!) group of guys you could ever meet.
Next week I will catch up with Jackson to ask him a few questions about all these amazing projects he is working on. Who knew he had time to be an actor, musician, producer, hottie, author, etc etc??
And if you guys will allow me to show off a little, check out my amazing photo with him!!
If you missed the show last night, check out their tour schedule here and find out when they will be in your town. I promise you, you do NOT want to miss this show.
Big thanks to 100 Monkeys and their management for allowing us to capture these guys in action.