Friday, 15 April 2011

Queenie4Ever's Interview with Jackson


Favorite color - red or green
Favorite poet - TS Eliot
Favorite artist. Andy Warhol
Favorite hairstyle - just woke up
Favorite midnight snack - roast beef on cold cheese pizza
Favorite acting role - the one I haven't done yet
Greatest concert you’ve attended or played
Pixies reunion tour, first concert back... Amazing.
How do you describe the color of your eyes
I don't... because my driver's license expired... and that said what color my eyes are... so now I don't know.
Favorite motto/quote to live by
Give respect to get respect, give love to get love - my dad

1. Please describe your sense of style such as clothing brands you like to wear or accessories.

I like the southern gentleman look, with a bit of whatever-I'm-feeling thrown in. I don't like sneakers... on my feet

2. Jackson I really like your entrepreneurial spirit which apparently began at a young age. You mentioned a DJ gig you used to do as a teenager can you tell us about that and how you came up with that idea? Did you have a cool DJ nickname? You even DJ’d your high school dance. How’d you coordinate dancing with your date and DJing? What did you do with the money you earned from DJ gigs? Would you ever consider DJing events in the future?

Started DJing when I was 13 at friends parties. My buddy Jon and I had access to his older brother's old, unused DJ gear ( a mixer and some speakers) , we decided to bring the gear to our friend Monica's birthday party. That was my first gig… by the time we were 16 we were using turntables and making $150 an hour at big events, and charging friends $50 a show whenever they wanted. I think I went by DJ Joyride…. kinda lame now, but I liked it then. DJing prom was difficult… but my date was understanding… (Katie! Wherever you are, thank you for being so understanding!) As per money made, I mostly just saved it, or bought my girlfriends stuff, like corny engraved bracelets and "fancy" Olive Garden dinners. I would definitely love to DJ again… I did a year ago at a bar in Vegas, it did feel good. Shall DJ Joyride ride again? Probably, not… but I might consider it.

3. Where did you learn to tap dance? You are pretty good. If I had known you were gonna ask me to tap with you, I would have brought my tap shoes. Tapping in high heels is hard! My shoes kept slipping off. lol! Which brings me to the subject that got us on tap dancing in the first place. You were talking about a female artist that tap dances instead of using a drum or percussion section. That’s so innovative, almost tribal like, such as hand clapping or using your body to make the beats. Who is the artist, and how did you discover her?

I learned to tap dance in Texas, along with ballroom, jazz, and musical theatre. Thanks to the lovely Judy of the Pickwick Players of Midland, Texas, and Ruth Cole of the Midland Community Theatre. I just enjoy doing a little soft shoe every once in awhile, now.

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