Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Jackson Wants To Play A Villian !

Jackson Rathbone's interview translation for Mexico's AM.com

Jackson Rathbone who has captivated as one of the vampires in “The Twilight Saga”, wishes to perform as a villain.
“I would love to see the evil perspective of life, because without a doubt they see it differently”,  says the actor. For now, his fans can be calm, they can see him in the film ” The Last Airbender” , from M. Night Shyamalan, director of “Sixth Sense” and “Signs”.
In the movie Rathbone plays Sokka, a young resident of  the Water village, who is considered the child who will bring balance to the world hit so far by the Fire Nation. For two years he trained taking martial arts classes in order to give veracity to the character.
“I had to find a true balance, because I had to reflect all that affects the world and on the other side to respect the original series that was broadcast in 120 countries,” he said.
He added, “It was three years ago when I started the project, now is also true that I had always been a fan of this type of series, and make this character is to fulfill a dream, ” said Rathbone.


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