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Jackson's Interview in Atrevida Magazine Translated

Music as a partner
Before Twilight, Jackson Rathbone had already act in series like The O.C. and Beautiful People, besides being the host of a program in Disney 411 channel (in EUA). But it was the Stephenie Meyer’s title adaptation what took him to stardom and world fame.
In the first two films of the saga, Jasper Hale shows up only a few times, but in Eclipse he may have a big highlight: “On the third movie, we’ll have the past of Jasper. We’ll see who he used to be and why he’s having some difficulties to adjust to the vegetarian vampire life”, said Jackson who, with a role with more repercussion, can propel his acting carreer even more. Still, he can’t complain because the success of the saga in theaters has helped a lot his musical carreer. Fans all over the world know Jackson is part of the 100 Monkeys band and, exactly because of that, visit their MySpace page everyday (

Besides that, Jackson and his band have been doing lots of shows through EUA and Canada to publish their first album, Monster Deluxe. Right now, the musicians are working on a new CD and plan to record a double live album.
The acting carreer also is being very good for Jackson. He produced and acted in the movie Girlfriend, which hasn’t launched yet, and made much success in Dread, horror movie launched in 2009 in EUA. Besides that, in this american summer, besides Eclipse, he will also appear in theaters in The Last Airbender. It will be launched in July in EUA theaters and is inspired on the animated series Avatar: the Legend of Aang.
And who thought Jackson Rathbone escaped the paparazzi and gossip media is wrong. There were lots of rumors saying that he and the actress and Twilight Saga partner Ashley Greene were dating in real life. He supposedly affirmed he had ‘a crush’ on Ashley, but none of these informations were confirmed by the actors.

He’s not (only) a vampire!
Jackson Rathbone is known for his role of Jasper Hale from the Twilight Saga, but he’s much more than just Edward Cullen’s ‘brother’. Besides he already act in some movies and TV series and being producing his first film, Jackson has a band called 100 Monkeys.
During the shooting of New Moon in Vancouver, he and his two partners from the band profitted to play during the filming breaks. We talked to him by the telephone and asked about a potential participation on New Moon soundtrack. Jackson said that there’s a possibility. “We’re more focused on music than the promotion of our work. If they want one of our songs in the soundtrack, they will have to ask, we’re not looking for that.”
Jackson also revealed what the cast does when they’re behind the cameras. “We like to live it during the day, while we’re shooting. But, at night, we’re normal people. We play board games, videogame, we play the guitar and have fun, like anyone else. We’re not real vampires! It’s surprising, but we’re not! (laughter)”
If you want to check out Jackson’s band, go to the site:
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