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Jackson's Capricho Magazine Interview Translation

 The music of the vampire

I got charmed by Jackson Rathbone after interviewing him by the phone. If in fiction he is the shy and reserved Jasper Hale, in real life the 26 years-old actor is talkative, friendly and hyperactive, so much he divides his times between acting in movies and being the leader of of the rock band 100 Monkeys. As if it was not enough, he still produced a short film and wishes to be a director.

But the biggest surprise came on the next day after our chat, when my telephone ring and I recognized the number! It was him calling me and inviting me to watch to the 100 Monkeys’ last show at The Roxy, a very cool place in Hollywood! Of course I accepted! Jackson received me very well, was nice and polite and introduced me to – do you know who?! To Nikki Reed, Rosalie from Twilight! She was there supporting his coworker and watched the show with me, in the same vip place.

In the following interview, Jackson told me he is ‘having something’ with someone, but didn’t want to tell me with who. I don’t wanna make gossip but, if I’d risk a guess, I’d say it can be Nikki, huh?
What do you like most about Jasper, your character in Twilight Saga?
I really like his personality, very reserved and shy. And I admire the fact that he has a nice heart, you know? He tries hard to be a good vampire.

In Eclipse there are scenes from Jasper’s past. Was it cool to film this part?
I loved it! It’s really cool to show where the character came from e all his history with the american Civil War. I accepted to do this role after I got to know and like very much Jasper’s life.

What do you think about Jasper and Alice couple?
They have a very sincere and pure relationship. I think the love between them is what brings Jasper’s good side. After meeting Alice, he was kinda rescued, you know?

And do you believe in this kind of love, like Jasper and Alice’s?
Yes! I believe in soulmates!

Is it true that the cast is very close?
Yes! I feel like we are a big family. Even when we’re not shooting and are busy with other works, we find a way to talk and see each other the most as we can. Tonight, for example, I’m going out with Nikki Reed.

What will you do?
I don’t know yet. But we’re going out to listen to music and talk the news.

What else you and Tilight cast like to do together?
When we were shooting in Canada, we’d always go out for dinner. We’d also find some strategies to runaway from the paparazzi and we’d go to concerts. The guys of my band, 100 Monkeys, were there too, so I’d go out with them a lot either.

Talking about your band, how did the music come to your life?
It was kinda at the same time: acting, music, art in general. Everything came to my life when I was around 14 years-old.

Do you prefer to sing or to act?
I like both very much, that’s why I do both! (laugh) I love art, in general. I like to sing, to act, to write, I want to direct movies, I’m producing a short film..

Are you dating?
Hmmm..maybe. (laugh)

What do you mean?
Oh, it’s not a relationship..let’s say I’m single, but not alone.

And when are we going to know if you are dating or not?
I don’t know! (laugh) You know, these things doesn’t work this way.

What’s your kind of girl?
I like affectionate girls, intelligent and confident. I don’t like controlling girls. I work too much and don’t have time to worry about this kind of thing.

What kind of boyfriend you are?
I think I’m a good boyfriend. (laugh) Really! I’m romantic and gentleman: I like to give flowers, to open the door of the car, of the restaurant..

You were born in Singapore and lived in many places. What’s your favorite city?
What a hard question! I lived in many cities because of my dad’s job, and I think I don’t have a favorite. But I liked to live in Norway and Texas. If I could choose any place in the world to live today, it would be Barcelona!

Was it difficult to travel so much in childhood?
No. Actually, I loved to travel! And I remain the same until nowadays. I’m always moving. I move of apartment every two months. I’m rarely home. In last two years, I’ve been living mostly on hotels.

You have three sisters. Do you have a good relationship?
I have four, actually. Ryann, Kelly and Brittany are biological, and Eva is adoptive. I relate very well with all of them! I love my sisters!

What kind of brother you are?
Overprotective! I always take care of them and I like to know who they’re dating with. I don’t think it’s being jealous. It’s being a good brother. Because, girls, know that: there is a lot of stupid boys out there!

Folk, funk and rock
When we talked to Jackson Rathbone, he was staring to record his band’s new CD, 100 Monkeys. Together since 2008 they make a rock with folk and american funk influences. Our reporter wne to their show and got impressed! The band is very talented! The five monkeys jump and dance all the time, interact a lot with the public and, in every song, change their instruments. Yes, all the members of the band are multi-instrumentalist and change functions during the concert. Yeah, they rock!
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