Thursday, 28 October 2010

100 Monkeys invade Baton Rouge 
At least for the next month and a half members of the band 100 Monkeys will call Baton Rouge home. His time, however, Noser spent hanging from the trees. Instead, they have an ambitious list of tasks to do and it starts with a studyrecording.
"We are in town finishing our second album," Ben Graupner told the CW21's exclusive interview in downtown Baton Rouge. "We are also working on some small projects."
Group including the other four that make up the total clan are Jackson Rathbone, Jerad Anderson, Lawrence Abrams, and Ben Johnson. Depending on the night or mood, each band member can play in a particular instrument, which includes everything from the traditional guitar to the mandolin, flute, and even trumpet.
This all goes back to the roots of the band.
"We would record much in the room and one would play and we would see that happen," Johnson said as he spoke of the formative years of the band. "When we started, only we played ... we improvised ... and just beginning to get our songs together."
With the exception of Anderson, who will come to Baton Rouge this week, members of 100 Monkeys played their debut in Baton Rouge at Boudreaux and Thibodeaux's on Third Street. This will be a weekly played for temporary residents, and goes back to the old days.
"We started playing this week played in the 24K Lounge in Los Angeles," recalled Johnson. "It was an excellent bar. Unfortunately now closed. But we could play every Tuesday night. We are hoping for something similar here [Baton Rouge]. "
Although not really rate it at 100 Monkeys as a "jam band" certainly an unpredictable vibe they bring in their live shows, which was evident at the gig last night. The boys say it was a welcome break from work in a recording studio.
"We've been here about a week and this is the first time we left the studio for the first time than going for cigarettes or get some food," Graupner said when asked have been able to check out the music scene local since they arrived.
"As much fun as it is recorded, it's fun to go out and see the audience to whom you're making music and recording for them," Rathbone went on to say with genuine enthusiasm. "At the end of the day, only a live band."
At the end of the night, the band certainly gave the audience a show worth talking about. The room was filled with one of two fans, those who are there for the band, and those who are there to talk to celebrities. No matter the reason, the free concert was so captivating and hot bodies all pushing toward the stage.
100 Monkeys aims to play every Tuesday night in November at Boudreaux and Thibodeaux's.

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