Saturday, 30 October 2010

Is Joe Jonas jealous of Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone

Ashley Greene & Jackson Rathbone Give Relationship Advice

Joe Jonas jealous co-star Ashley Greene in "Dawn"?

"EXCLUSIVE Drama on 'Dawn': Joe Jonas is possessive with his girlfriend Ashley Greene ... especially with regard to Jackson Rathbone!" Says the overly dramatic HollywoodLife header.
According to the site, which meant that we had carpal tunnel syndrome from having to fix it all the time, "Joe Jonas is jealous of the sexy scenes of physical his girlfriend Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen's character with her husband on screen Rathbone (Jasper Hale) - and he's making sure everyone knows that she is HIS girl "

Uh, huh…
HollywoodLife says it has a “source” who claims, “Joe is very possessive of Ashley — letting everyone know that she belongs to him –- especially [when it comes to] Jackson.”
Uh, huh…
Here’s what’s accurate: Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene are dating. And Greene and Jackson Rathbone play husband and wife in Breaking Dawn.
Here’s what’s inaccurate: Everything else.
A source close to the Jonas Brothers assures Gossip Cop that the singer/actor knows the difference between play acting and real-life, and that he’s not remotely jealous of Rathbone. The source calls the HollywoodLife story “nonsense.”
 From Gossip Cop

Well if i was him i would be jealous coz Jackson is HOT and has Experance LOL 

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