Friday, 22 October 2010

Jackson # 22 on Glamour’s 31 Sexiest Movie Vampires

Jackson or rather, Jasper, comes in at #22 on Glamour’s sexiest movie vampires. Not sure why they say it’s movie vampires when they include (my faves) David Boreanaz as Angel and James Marsters as Spike…

22. Twilight’s Jasper Hale
Played by: Jackson Rathbone
The minute we heard Jasper utter “my apologies, mam” to his love, Alice in that irresistible Southern drawl, we were smitten. We GLAMOUR.COM girls have always been a sucker for an old-fashioned gent. They are so rare nowadays…

Yumm hes a close #2 on my list:) I'm an #Robward gal but DAMN Jackson is just too sexy!! Hes my secret crush.. LOL don't tell Edward:)

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