Friday, 24 December 2010

100 Monkeys Interview with 29-95 Music

Small Talk
100 Monkeys
From: Los Angeles
New Album: Liquid Zoo
In Houston: 8 p.m. Wednesday at Warehouse Live, 813 St. Emanuel. Tickets are $15-$20; 713-225-5483 or

Named after a theory about monkey behavior — no, not the one that involves the complete works of Shakespeare — Los Angeles band 100 Monkeys creates a sometimes serene, sometimes turgid sort of indie rock. Some tunes such as Future Radio ride a pleasant digital groove with some funk thrown in to dirty things up, while others such as Kolpix are straight up sleazy garage soul. The five-piece group of multi-instrumentalists ended up with a built-in audience of enthusiasts since member Jackson Rathbone appears in the Twilight film series

Describe your new record in fewer than 10 words
Jackson Rathbone: A collection of wild animals flowing freely in auditory display.
Uncle Larry: Awesome
Jerad Anderson: Founded from fluid festive fantastic fantasies formidably filled with fun.
Ben Johnson: Our strongest album yet, by leaps and bounds.
Ben Graupner: Mario Brothers meets
The Nightmare Before Christmas, blues booze and sheer bliss.
If I wasn’t making music I’d . . .
Rathbone: ... be waiting.
Uncle Larry: I wouldn’t be alive.
Anderson: Explode. And implode.
Johnson: . . . be teaching it, I hope.
Graupner: Pretend to murder people with a machete.
Best album in the world right this minute
Rathbone: Gogol Bordello,
Live from Axis Mundi
Uncle Larry: The one that hasn’t been made
Dark Side of the Moon (Sleep to it most nights)
Shame Shame by Dr. Dog
The Devil and the Mockingbird or Hooks
Song you like to play when nobody’s around
Uncle Larry:
My Love Has Butterfly Wings by John Klemmer
Jingle Bells
Rathbone: Hank Williams III,
Dick in Dixie
Tourist by Spencer Bell
Hokey Pokey
Favorite bird of prey
Rathbone: The barnyard owl Who? The barnyard owl. Who? The barnyard ...
Uncle Larry: The hawk
Anderson: Blam, the hawk
Johnson: Great Horned Owl
Graupner: Klingon (I had to look up the spelling for that.)
Cake or pie
Rathbone: Pie charts are pretty sweet ...
Uncle Larry: BOTH!
Anderson: Can I have my cake and eat the pie, too?
Johnson: Pie!
Graupner: I’ll have a drink instead.
My favorite state is . . .
Rathbone: Blissful ignorance
Uncle Larry: United State of Mind
Anderson: Liquid
Johnson: Right now, Louisiana, ’cause that’s where I am.

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