Monday, 27 December 2010

Veronica Kai Live Blogging from the 100 Monkeys Tour

The lovely Veronica Kai will be live blogging from the 100 Monkeys tour, and she’s already posted a video from the Criminal Records in store acoustic set. You can check out her video below:

Throughout the 100 Monkeys trip (let’s come up with a better name for this?), I will be broadcasting live! Whether it’s a song, while they walk on stage, interviewing fans, or interviewing them! (Yes, we’ll get to that in a few days…) Be sure to keep a look out.
Let me know what YOU want to see. Of course, road trip antics will be recorded with hopefully better music (i.e. I recorded tons of snow while in Cincinnati last week with a perfect sound of UK’s screamo-metal band, Bring Me The Horizon, screaming, “I CAN’T REMEMBER LAST NIGHT!”)
This and more at her official site!

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