Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Daily Citizen Interview with 100 Monkeys Publicist

Dining at Waffle House in Tunnel Hill
MTV’s cameras captured footage of the band’s tour bus stuck in Dalton in the snow Christmas morning, which aired Jan. 21 on “The Seven.” They had a show that night in Atlanta and spent Christmas Eve at the home of a childhood friend of Sarem’s. Several trekked to Waffle House in Tunnel Hill at midnight, including Rathbone, Sarem and Graupner.
So did they attract any attention? Sarem said one girl kept staring at them like she recognized them but didn’t say anything.
“Jackson looks different in person than he does in the ‘Twilight’ movies because of all the makeup and contacts,” she said. “If you go to a film premiere you know it’s Jackson. If you go to a concert you know it’s Ben (Graupner). But Waffle House at midnight in Tunnel Hill? It’s like, what the heck would they be doing there?”
Sarem enjoys the work and hopes to continue with 100 Monkeys as long as they want her.
“There’s very few things you can do in your life that make people’s lives better, and the entertainment business can do that,” she said. “Your best memories are that concert you went to. You remember that forever. The fact that I get to be a part of making that happen, helping people discover music they love, there’s nothing better.”
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