Thursday, 3 February 2011

Help 'Girlfriend' Reach A Wider Audience!

Sometimes, critical acclaim, online buzz and a "Twilight" star just aren't enough for an indie film to reach a wider audience. Such is the case with the Toronto International Film Festival hit "Girlfriend," starring Shannon Woodward ("Raising Hope"), Evan Sneider (the first lead feature film actor with Down's Syndrome) and some guy you may have heard of named Jackson Rathbone.
As a way to get their film to as wide an audience as possible, the producers of "Girlfriend" created their own fundraising page on It's pretty simple: The adoring public spares some cash, and the producers will use that money to hold more screenings of the film in theaters, on demand and online.
Donors can receive anything from a special thanks on the "Girlfriend" website to a copy of the original screenplay. Especially deep-pocketed fans could even win a dinner for two with Evan, the star of the movie. Sounds pretty cool to us, but unfortunately we don't have an extra ten grand lying around. Maybe after we win the lottery...
In a statement exclusive to Hollywood Crush, "Girlfriend" producers Justin Lerner (who also directed the movie), Jerad Anderson, Kristina Lauren Anderson and Shaun O'Banion explained why they created the site.
"As many people know, the costs of finishing a film, making prints, submitting to festivals, as well as publicity and marketing (the big one) are, as Kevin Smith pointed out at Sundance this year, sometimes more costly than an indie film's entire budget. Therein lies the dilemma for a complex, artistic, intelligent film like ours," they wrote.
"So far, there has been a strong outpouring of support, and donations have been varied—as large as $100 and as small as $5 or $10... every little bit helps and allows us the chance of getting the film out to a wider audience, and to ensure that those who have supported the film may have an opportunity to see it in a theater near them. We also hope to donate a portion of the final amount to the NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society)."
There you have it, Crushers. Wanna possibly see "Girlfriend" at a theater near you? Get to donatin'. Though we're sure if you can't spare any money, spreading the word about the site would be just as appreciated.
Want to donate to the "Girlfriend" fund? Click over to the IndieGoGo site for all the necessary information, plus read what people have been saying about the film.


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