Sunday, 20 February 2011

100 Monkey News!

News from the Official 100 Monkey Street Team Director:

The date for the Neptoon Records in-store appearance in Vancouver has been changed from March 6th to March 5th at noon.  Please make a note and update your event calendars.

Also, hot off the Aussie Street Team press:
We would like to extend a HUGE congratulations to 100 Monkeys for taking out 2ND PLACE in the International Group Category of POPRepublic's IT List Awards!!!!

This is a MASSIVE achievement for an independent band (beating out the likes of MUSE, U2 & Bon Jovi) & we couldn't be more proud or excited for the band.

Let them know how proud you all are of them by posting about this on your Facebook account, Twitter, Myspace, Chatter, the OST website, & everywhere in between.

Thank you to all who helped achieve this result. Awesome work everyone!!


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