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Indi Bands Blog Interview With 100 Monkeys

Who is in the 100 Monkeys and what do they play in the band?

100 Monkeys is:
Ben Graupner-Keys, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Trumpet, Vocals, Ben Johnson-Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Jerad Anderson-Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Vocals M. Laurence Abrams (aka Uncle Larry) -Percussions, Flute, Bass, Keys, Saxophone, Vocals Jackson Rathbone
(100 Monkeys are known to switch instruments and vocalists nearly every other song during their set, an idea patented as the "Monkey Switcheroo"...)
-Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums Keys, Trumpet, Mandolin, Harmonica
We all have ADHD. (That's "Artistic Dependency, in High Definition")

Where are you based?

Los Angeles... and various couches around the world.

How did the band name come about, is it of any significance?

It was through a need to play music, all kinds of music without the limitations of the modern band format: the specified "band" and "frontman".

We all sing, write, and play various instruments to an eclectic variety of songs: funky, punky, bluesy, jazzy, and good ole' rock n roll. The name 100 Monkeys came about through the need to title an idea... the idea of constant creation and anticipation of the collective consciousness being the driving force of our music. Basically, each of us have 20 monkeys in our heads... And when the five of us come together, we become 100 Monkeys.

How would you describe the output of the band?

There's a lot of it. For a young band, just around three years old now, we have put out a copious amount of material. We still have much more brewing as well. We are constantly writing and developing new sounds and styles... and our live show is truly raucous and fun. 100 Monkeys is a group of entertainers who love to do what they do.

Have there been any major changes since the band started?

Our first album,
Monster DeLux, was an improv jam session, and we just had three members. Then, Lawrence officially became a monkeys Uncle, Jerad's wife finally let him join the band, and we started composing songs. We keep the improv ideology in our live shows by making up a song a night...we have plans to make another improv album with all five of us, and our fans from around the world will get to participate.

How are the songs composed?

It depends. Sometimes in a day or sometimes over the course of a year, a song will be born. Like a child, songs constantly change and grow, sometimes they are perfect angels and sometimes they are precocious little monsters. We all write independently, but we often write as a unit... there's no clear through line in 100 Monkeys composition in-and-of itself, but rather, it is the growth of the artist and the art, together.

Who or what are the main influences?

Everything and anything. Mostly unadulterated love of music. Music has it's own soul, we're just along for the ride.

You have a loyal following, who really seem to appreciate all the Charity promotion you are involved with, how did that first come about?

We support projects we believe in, and so do our fans. The closest to our collective monkey hearts is the
Spencer Bell Legacy (or SBL). Spencer was a friend of ours who was a talented musician, artist, poet, etc. He died suddenly at age 20 from Adrenal Cancer.

Fans support the SBL because they love Spencer's music and through supporting the music, they are supporting a greater cause, giving a home to Orphan Cancer awareness. Through fans support, SBL has pharmaceutical companies developing new medicine for

Adrenal Cancer (the first since the 60s) and we owe it to our fans love and support. Dr. Gary Hammer, the SBL, the bands, and the fans have shown just how much a group can change the world.

I am based in the UK and have been specifically asked - are you coming over soon?

We are taking swimming lessons, so... be there as long as it takes to swim across the pond.

Any upcoming tours?

We are planning a world tour for this summer. Keep checking our website for more information.

Any upcoming releases?

Liquid Zoo
(our sophomore studio album) is coming out late spring of this year. Plus! We gonna be releasing various singles, books, and secret messages in bottles. Constant creations.

What drives the band to keep playing?

Bananas, coffee, and a guy with a license to drive buses. Plus, a serious love for music and for our fans.

What should I have asked that you want people to know?

How much we love our fans. We would say, "this much!" and we all would extend our arms in a row. That's a lot of monkey love.
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